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Product design philosophy

Single driver speaker is one of the best solutions for recorded music reproduction. It is so involving and full of life. If it is a good one hooked up to a good electronics chances are that if you once listen to such a combination you are done once for all. Maybe you will not want anything else.

Why single driver? Well first of all the sound coherence across the all frequency range. No need to divide it between multiple drivers and then to sew it back with crossovers in order to achieve smooth transition from one band to another. Secondly a sound propagated from multiple drivers instead of one point source poses a problem of exact location of the source of this sound. It ruins the image or soundstage. Good loudspeakers “disappear”. When music is recorded, there is no separate microphones for low, mid and high frequency range. Ideally it would be the best to reproduce the recording in the same way, with one source for all the range. This is however very difficult.

Whatever you have heard about good stereo systems and all of it components, the truth is that it is the loudspeaker that gives the ultimate sound signature, because it actually propagates the sound. The way it is doing it has a profound impact on the way we are perceiving music and recorded sound. When designing a loudspeaker, it is always some kind of a compromise. I decided I want a musical spirit to be carried in the first place. The single driver makes sure the sound is coherent all over the frequency band. The light paper cone drivers hand made in France by one of the most respected full range drivers manufacturers in the industry assure a fast impulse response and linear reproduction in critical frequency ranges.

The high efficiency makes it possible to use low wattage tube amplifiers. The first watts of power are the most important to sound quality.

And finally the properly designed and made enclosure that ensures that all qualities of the driver will be properly rendered.

A loudspeaker being an important part of the interior design has to look nice and attractive. For me it was always important. This is why I try hard to make it look attractive.

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