I call her Lady Naturalness. She has a very non invasive sound. You can listen to it hours and hours without any fatigue. Thanks to a single driver reproducing the whole frequency range sometimes you feel that the loudspeakers disappear and the sounds are flowing out of nowhere. Only the soundstage remains. Our very unique enclosure enhance the legendary Supravox drivers to approach the limits of theirs best, offering vivid, natural and dynamic sound. The listener is immerged in the ambiance of music being played live. If you listen and fall in love with this sound, it will be probably forever.



Made of premium quality Baltic birch ply with no damping materials at all. Side panels made of Corian. The complicated internal construction containing carefully designed channels ensures the enclosure stiffness and that the standing waves are virtually eliminated what results in a very clean and fast bass response. No need for using any damping materials behind the drivers preserves the liveliness of the drivers especially in the midrange.

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