The smallest floorstanders in Closer Acoustics' offer.
Jazz and classical are more than obvious. All good recordings (except any heavy metal and related universe) will sound good with Forlane at the reasonable volume. Chillout and ambient, film scores, electronic music, R&B, soul, classic rock and pop, blues, folk and ethnic music…

Enclosure +
Wideband Speaker


A Closer Acoustics distributed resonance cabinet - house specialty - made of solid oak planks with internals from quality Baltic birch ply. No damping materials at all.  The complicated internal construction containing carefully designed channels ensures the enclosure stiffness and that the standing waves are virtually eliminated what results in a very clean and fast bass response. No need for using any damping materials behind the drivers preserves the liveliness of the drivers especially in the midrange.

FORLANE Loudspeakers


Designed for the EMS LB7 full-range loudspeaker with a diameter of 17 cm. The lack of a second diaphragm dedicated to high frequencies (the so-called whizzer) minimizes distortion and local coloration. No crossover or any filters correcting the processing characteristics. Very balanced and realistic sound.

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