300B Provocateur

Single-Ended Triode Integrated Amplifier.
Our tube amplifier 300B Provocateur to make most of our loudspeakers.

True to our philosophy and to keep things clean and simple we chose Single Ended Triode 300B in its classic layout to drive our loudspeakers.
Adding a touch of modern design and caring a lot about internal components, and build execution we managed to create a beautiful amplifier with amazing sound.
The Provocateur's design and sound is the masterwork of Robert Rolof (Rolof Audio) one of the most experienced Polish audio designers, with whom CloserAcoustics works closely on all electronics.

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Provocateur Standard

We created the optimal conditions for the 300 B triode - the queen of vacuum tubes. Polypropylene capacitors in the signal path and circuits of power supply and tube’s cathodes. Electrolytic capacitors applied only in the heater circuits.
Provocateur is very quiet. In the same time he is able to very well control even very complex music with sudden wide changes of dynamics.
48 positions, stepped attenuator allows for smooth and even volume control.


Signature edition

For even more demanding customers, a Signature version was created.
In the Signature edition Provocateur is equipped with amorphous core output transformers, even higher grade tubes and RCA inputs.
As result we obtained more refined and detailed sound, transparent yet full of energy.
300B Provocateur Signature can be finished with Alcantara or its finish can be customized.

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