A big thank you !

I would like to thank everyone who visited our presentation during Warsaw Audio Show. We are grateful for the support and the kind words admiration. There were some magical moments. When you see the listener tears of emotion while listening to the music through your system you know that you did something good. For the moments like these we work hard to build the Closer Acoustics sound.

The components of our system:

1) Loudspeaker VIGO EX – (on the pictures inside) equipped with EMS LB 12 MKII EX with field coil magnet. We were playing with 12 Volts tension 12 V, at which the efficiency exceeds 97dB.

2) Integrated amplifier Closer Acoustics 300B Provocateur Single Ended Triode, with maximum output of 7 Watts. All critical circuits include only polypropylene capacitors what allows for the exceptional sound performance of our amplifier. The highest quality teflon tube sockets from CMC guarantee optimal working conditions for the vacuum tubes. The from PSVANE and Electro Harmonics are selected and matched in pairs. The volume control is operated by 48 positions motorized stepped attenuator and remote control.

3) Balanced MM/MC Phono Preamplifier Closer Acoustics STELVIOallowing the following setups:

- selecting power of signal amplification in six steps from 0,3 mV to 5mV depending of the cartridge output,
- selecting the impedance in six steps from 10 up to 47000Ω, depending of the cartridge required specification,
- selecting capacitance in three steps from 100 to 400pF, depending of the cartridge required specification,

The phonostage additionally is equipped with subsonic filter, mono mode and the possibility of playback in balanced mode. Two sets of inputs, one pair of RCA and one pair XLR allow for use of two different cartridges.

4) Record player Thorens TD 124 MKII in a heavy plinth made by Closer acoustics with 12” Schick tonearm and Hana SL cartridge – with Shibata cut diamond.

5) Studio reel-to-reel AEG (Telefunken) – Magnethophon 15A.

on the picture from the left: Robert Rolof – electronics and the kingdom of the analogue, , Jacek Grodecki – acoustics, design and spirytus movens, Andrzej Grodecki – woodworking.

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