Introducing OGY - our first bookshelf loudspeaker

Some of you may have already read the impressions from BAM! - Berlin Audio Meeting held few days ago, where those little creatures were introduced to the wider public for the first time, in fact making their debut.

We are not making Stradivari or Guarneri violins but we are doing our best in order to let our customers to listen to them on recordings with as much true sound as possible. This new bookshelf speaker is big step towards this goal.

Introducing Closer Acoustics OGY
OGY in the home set-up 300B Provocateur SET tube amplifier + Flō phonostage + Closer Acoustics Lenco L75 at Berlin Audio Meeting (BAM) October 2021

The key thing is: OGY is now available.


It is a small (31x31x13 cm, 7kg), 6 liters volume, bookshelf speaker: transmission line sandwich construction cabinet with 4" full range driver EMS LB5. The sandwich construction of the cabinet means it has internal body made of wood and external from acrylic stone. This provides excellent properties minimizing cabinet resonances.

I've been working on its final enclosure type, size, and shape for three years, building the prototypes. The EMS LB5 driver is an excellent electroacoustic device, which begged for a proper enclosure, so that it could shine. It got one - as small as possible.

The work brought about intriguing results. It is simply fantastic for the intimate music experience. I am not afraid of using this word, even though this is my product, and I should be careful choosing the words. It is fantastic. I am curious what sort of words you would use after giving it a listen!

The driver has a resonant frequency of 50Hz! - and it goes up to 18 kHz. Our enclosure allows for obtaining 40Hz without artificial boominess.

OGY's internal structure

You can see below how OGY performs on paper just to give you the idea of how smooth the low frequency roll-of is, and how deep it goes.

OGY - measured in 35 sqm room at 1m distance

The driver has no particular bumps or lows that would require using any filters. This results in preserving its efficiency. The cabinet itself is made without any damping materials inside; however internal parts are treated.

The resulting sound is very natural, profound, crispy, non-aggressive whatsoever, the music is very present, non-obtrusive and you can listen to it with no fatigue for hours. You can enjoy the sound of wood of strings instruments, from violins to double bass. Piano? as natural as can be. Feel free to hear differences between Steinway, Kawai, Fazioli, Yamaha...

The speed of this driver is astonishing. All the details are here. The sound is three dimensional. What’s more it appears that OGY has the ability to disappear... During BAM one of the visiting listeners sat in front of them and asked: "where are the speakers - there is only music."

Even during the prototyping I used every occasion to let the visitors in our showroom, invite them to listen to the prototypes and hear their opinions out. After listening to our big Vigo speakers followed by OGYs one musician, who is a very sophisticated audiophile as well, said that OGY is a little Vigo, preserving the same character but just on the smaller scale.

People are very much surprised when closing in the room hearing the music already, but before actually seeing them yet. Then they walk in to see the tiny speakers and there is kind of the cognitive dissonance happening - surprise, surprise.

Let me tell you a story:

A few weeks ago, to be precise on September 30, Mr Andy Sheppard arrived in Jastrzębie-Zdrój in Poland touring with Przemysław Strączek. Since we have our workshop there, both the musicians visited our showroom to listen to what we do.

The OGY loudspeaker (the prototype) had its audition too, in a big and a small room...

listening in big room
listening in small room

Mr Andy Sheppard is a very attentive listener and an owner of some fine home audio equipment, so it was an honorable moment for our team. After the listening session, he shared that the small speakers were exceptional. Having been moved by the opinion I hesitantly asked if he really meant it and he said yes again...

So I asked him if he would mind writing it on the side of the OGY prototype ... Take a look

Andy Sheppard autographing the OGY last prototype

"The world sounds so beautiful from here" - signed Andy Sheppard

I would like to thank Mr Andy Sheppard so much for doing this fully gratuitous, sincere gesture and allowing me to quote his testimonial and share some photos.

Now, this prototype pair will remain unfinished for life.

The concert in the evening the same day. The venue: Boutique Hotel - Pałac Borynia in Jastrzębie-Zdrój.

Pałac Borynia in Jastrzębie-Zdrój
Przemysław Strączek Quartet performing with Andy Sheppard

For a small or a big room? Well, since we agreed it is the bookshelf speaker, it is best suited for small/medium rooms. However, if you put them into a 40 sqm living room, you can create quite an intimate space for them and the low frequency roll out can be surprising as well as the level of spatiality. In your listening spot you can achieve a very enjoyable sound with a lot of air and details happening around you.

OGY is small and not powerful in terms of power acceptance - 15 W - but it is largely enough. The efficiency of 91 dB allows for a very convenient use with tube amplifiers, even those with few watts power, like Single Ended Triode.

Let’s say OGY can be like an everyday companion for listening to your preferred music or a distinct figure for your special events. The better the source the better the result in the speakers. Jazz, classical, full philharmonic or chamber, vocals … be my guest. Electronic, ambient, ethnic… Good recordings will be rewarded. OGY is analytical AND at the same time very musical, so that you can enjoy the music from the very first second after pressing play or landing the stylus into your vinyl.

We intend to offer them directly to you and the price will be calculated accordingly.

Our web shop will be available very soon, so keep an eye on it and stay tuned.

OGY is fully handmade in Poland, except for the drivers of course which are handmade in France.

We begin with two color versions white and black. And this is not paint but the color of the available acrylic stone. In this case corian.

And now the most important thing for you, dear reader. If you buy a pair, you will enjoy (within EU) 7 days from the delivery date for listening and finding out, whether you are happy with the speakers in your room, with your amplifier, etc.

If you are not happy, we organize a return shipment. When they come back to us, we inspect for any damages. If everything is ok, we refund all amount less transport costs. If there are some damages, we make valuation, and deduct the amount from the refund.

This way you get a risk-free opportunity to verify if OGY becomes your next music companion.

Please feel free to contact me directly through the contact form.

All the best


PS during the journey I made some recordings with my mobile and here is a random compilation of what I have kept. This is just a very over the surface sample of different rooms, amps and placements of OGY performance.

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