LencoHeaven Meeting 2016 - new speaker under evaluation

Our upcoming new loudspeaker tested at LencoHeaven Meeting 2016.

The Lenco Heaven Meeting 2016 in Beauvechain was held June 16 to 19. The leitmotif of the meet was the Western Electric horn system with famous WE15A horn equipped with WE 555 compression driver. Both horn and drivers were original.

This was possible thanks to an enormous effort of The Japanese team brought together by master Jean Hiraga and Jean Laurent the indefatigable organizer of the Belgian event.

The Japan audio passionates of Western Electric systems have managed to come with 400 kg of audio equipment mainly amplifiers and powers supplies designed by Machida San. Quite a commitment for a few days of non commercial meeting of audio fans.

Wester Electric horn system was developed in twenties of XX century for movie theaters in order to provide the best possible sound at the time. A lot of work by WE engineers was done to design in fact the whole system. Drivers, horns, cabinets, amplification, power supplies. It was so successful that it has its everlasting place in the hall of fame of audio history.

Interestingly it is in Japan in the 60’ies that the WE system was rediscovered for HiFi applications by Japanese audio enthusiasts.I will not enter into details of the system put together in Beauvechain, but I would like to stress that it makes a lot of work to fine tune the system like this. Harmonizing WE15 horn with woofers and tweeters in order to get well balanced sound is as kind of mastery.And it is not easy to get an opportunity to listen to something like this, therefore I am particularly happy and thankful to the organizers and the Japanese team for making it possible – arigatō ☺

For Closer Acoustics this year meeting was an opportunity to make first wider public evaluation of our upcoming new loudspeaker with EMS LB12 driver.

It was very important for me as the opinions of very demanding “ears” contributes a lot to the development of a new product.

So we had and opportunity to listen to the new Closer Acoustics loudspeaker with several different amplifications.

Amplifiers are especially important in this context, given the source is good and permanent in the set up.Thanks to my friend Wolfgang from Germany who kindly bring his amp build around PX25 triodes we could test these speakers in this tandem and it was really cool.

The new speakers had also the privilege to be driven by the amplifier build around original WE 300B tubes by Mashida San designed for big system with WE15a horn. Thank you Jean Hiraga for this short test and evaluation ☺

We hooked up also PTP Block20 chip amp and his PTP Solid as the source.

But most of the time the speakers were driven by Tosca AT5 integrated 300B amplifier with a very good result.

So after very positive feedback we hope to have a new product ready for delivery by the autumn 2016 ☺

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