New models, new website

With the spring outside, we are finally ready to introduce officially two new models of Closer Acoustics loudspeakers. The first one is something we have presented last year in Beauvechain in Belgium during Lenco Heaven Meeting 2016. Back then it was a “nameless” prototype. It got a very enthusiastic reception from fellow audiophiles from Europe and - yes lucky me - from Japan. So now let me introduce Mr. Vigo.

Then in late summer and autumn we were busy building, testing and perfecting another new model of loudspeaker with an excellent 21 cm fullrange driver from Electro Magnet Speaker. And we are very happy with the result hoping that she will please you also. Ladies and gentlemen please meet Allegra.Since it is an important step in our development we needed also a new website. It was born slowly but I hope it was worth waiting. Please comment if you find something we should correct. There is always a room for improvement.

And please stay “tuned” as we are about to introduce in the coming months another very important product to our range – this time it will be something to drive are musical loudspeakers – a SET 300 B tube amplifier…
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