The anatomy of the Vigo loudspeaker

Vigo Loudspeaker

I would like to share with you the Vigo test and review carried by Chief editor of Polish AUDIO monthly Andrzej Kisiel.

And I want to do it, because from the beginning I felt it can be interesting for broadband loudspeakers aficionados all over the world – hence translation from Polish printed magazine.

Why ? Because it is a clash of two worlds! Listening perceptions vs measurements.

Quote from the article:

"We still do not know all the phenomena, the correlation between the response and our perception, the influence of predisposition, habits and attitudes, all the complicated dependencies that also occur with time...

For many Polish audiophiles Mr Kisiel is well respected authority in acoustics, head of AUDIO for years and acoustician by educational and professional background. So I knew I wanted his valuable opinion about Closer Acoustics loudspeakers.

I knew it will be true and honest to the bone if Closer will even qualify to get reviewed in the first place. Needless to add I was concerned by the possible verdict.

Also what I intended was independent comparison of the same loudspeaker differing only by the type of driver used – permanent versus electromagnet motor which is extremely interesting. Customers ask me this question over and over. The same applies to an optional tweeter.

So here it is a very extensive test, with different comparisons, different configurations, measurements, background, introductory remarks etc.

Broadband, fullrange, single driver loudspeakers? Yes it is a niche of the hifi audio market.

Well, but why then so many seasoned audiophiles end up their search for the audio peace of mind settling with this kind of set-ups? Maybe it is a topic for a separate paper.

Thank you Mr Andrzej Kisiel for this in depth review.

Here also I would like to thank one of my USA customers, a happy owner of Vigo loudspeakers, paired with 300B monoblocks for his kind and invaluable help with “polishing” the translation from Polish to English. Thank you Phil

I hope you’ll find this review interesting.

Also it is available in the PRESS section.

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