To tweet, or not to tweet, that is the question:

For some time now, Vigo can be supplemented with an optional tweeter. It is EMS TW 04 mkii, designed and manufactured by the same manufacturer that makes LB12 broadband driver. It is an addition to extend the frequency range of the LB 12 further up. It does not mean it is absolutely necessary.

But why we are adding it then? That is a good question, and you are asking it quite frequently. Before we decided to go on with it we had several listening sessions with many audio friends, some of them very good ears and experienced audiophiles, to get the answer to this question.

And you know what? It is not black and white. Many of them liked it a lot and say the tweeter adds the air and detail to the sound and recommended it decisively. Some others found it unnecessary, but those were in minority so far to be honest.

Well that make me stick with the decision to offer it as an option and let to you to decide if you need it or not.

Only that I worked on the way it is fixed to the loudspeaker. After the initial transparent support, which was ok and above all designed with existing customers in mind letting them to add the tweeter without problems, came the latest iteration using 6,3 mm jack and full contact highest quality socket.

It helped to hide cables inside the speaker and get rid of the support.

Now it is even more pleasant to the eyes, if you let your ears to take it home.

In the review made in the February 2021 edition of Polish AUDIO Monthly you can find an extensive analysis of this topic.

Here is a small preview. A full frequency response of the VIGO EX without tweeter, with tweeter in standard polarity and with an inverted polarity.

You can find it in the Press section.

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