Visit Closer Acoustics at Audio Video Show Warsaw 2023

2023 Warsaw Audio Video Show

October 27-29, 2023

Radisson Sobieski Hotel, 7th floor rooms 708 & 718

Closer Acoustics will be present at Radisson Sobieski on 7th floor in two rooms with two different setups

Room 708


Our smallest Forlane floorstander, this year's model introduced for the brand's tenth anniversary,

Closer Acoustics Forlane

and again the OGY monitor coupled with OGYs Bass a special passive bass enhancement module, H frame open baffle stand

Closer Acoustics OGY plus OGYs Bass


The 300B Provocateur integrated amplifier in Signature specification and the Flō phono preamplifier.

Closer Acoustics 300B Provocateur Signature - Alcantara finish
Closer Acoustics FLŌ

Analog source

Thorens TD 124 MKii turntable with a twelve-inch Schick tonearm.

Thorens TD 124 MKii + 12" Shick tonearm

For the first time in Poland, the Sculpture A gramophone cartridge from France will be presented. It will be fitted to the Schick graphite headshell in this classic table.

Sculpture A phono cartridge

Room 718

In order to show the versatility of OGY stand Mount loudspeaker we have arranged for a very special setup.


OGY monitors matched with the special bass enhancement modules -  BOB - Bass Open Baffle in an array.

OGY stand mount loudspeaker with an array of three BOBs (Bass Open Baffle Modules)


elinsAudio MILLE separate stereo amplifier (two monoblocs + preamplifier) in a system with the elinsAudio CELLO phono preamplifier.

elinsAudio Mille separate amplifier - silver finish

Analogue source

The excellent Tentogra WoWo turntable with Kuzma tonearms and cartridges.

Tentogra WoWo turntable

We are inviting you to visit us and listen to the music with our systems.

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